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Are you update with the Food Safety Act 1990 and Due diligence or HACCP
Which states
were food is be appaired there should be protector over lighting, incast of GLASS CONTAMINATION

we have the solution

with a product that is reusable, inexpensive and simply fitted?
Which is why we recommend the lightcovers Uva-Tech range of protectors, and we're not alone. As with all products offered in our range of light protection and light shields they meet the criteria of LightCovers for fluorescent safety lights and shatterproof light bulbs.

Environmental Authorities
The Health and Safety Executive
The Accreditation of Hygiene Certificate
Hazard Critical Control Point. (HACCP)
The Scottish Quality Cereals Sceme (SQC)
The Assured Combinable Crops Scheme (ACC) and
all risk management requirements for Glass Free Zone
All in all an impressive list.

Both ligh tcovers and Uva-Tech product ranges are very successful but over the years we have been asked again and again to produce an alternative to the oversleeve version. Unlike some companies, we listen to our customers and as a result, the Chrysalis clear coated tube range was created.

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