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Protective Fluorescent Light Covers

Is a high Quantity Clear tube cover which will stop Glass fragments from contaminating food Area for food Safety

Economical and Fully Reusable Protected fluorescent Cover

These fluorescent tube covers providing a simple, cost effective solution to guard against food contamination and offers protection against accidental tube breakage and injury within the workplace and food safety

For use in
offices, Schools, catering establishments and hospitals.

Next Day Delivery service.

fluorescent tube cover
fluorescent lamp with out a protective cover

Manufactured in a high quality clear polycarbonate material

The fluorescent tube cover slips over the fluorescent lamp in seconds and is sealed with non-toxic, silicone end-caps, ensuring all glass and toxic compounds are safely contained within the unit.
The fluorescent lamp cover are fully reusable making them cost effective for food safety.

Broken fluorescent lamp inside a fluorescent tube cover

The above picture is a broken fluorescent lamp inside fluorescent tube cover

Technical Data

A fluorescent tube covers are available in a range of T4 T5, T8 and T12 Sizes.
Ultra violet light emissions are controlled to 350nm.
The transmission of light is unequalled at 96% of total output.

Complies with Farm Quality Assurance Safety Regulations

Safety and hygiene in the agricultural industry has become a major issue, particularly where lighting is exposed. Our fluorescent tube covers are recommended to meet agricultural quality assurance guidelines to protect light in sensitive areas and satisfy farm assurance inspections.
end caps for fluorescent lamp cover

Fluorescent Tube Information

T12 Diameter is 38mm

T8 Diameter is 25mm

T5 Diameter is 16mm

T4 Diameter is 12mm

T4 fluorescent cover
6w FL6T4E 232mm
8w FL8T4 315mm
10w FL10T4E 352mm
12w FL12T4 420mm
16w FL16T4 472mm
16w FL16T4E 480mm
20w FL20T4 550mm
20w FL20T4E 578mm
T5 Protective sleeve
6 Watt 212mm
8 Watt 300mm
13 Watt 516mm
14 Watt 549mm
24 Watt 549mm
21 Watt 850mm
39 Watt 850mm
28 Watt 1150mm
54 Watt 1150mm
35 Watt 1450mm
80 Watts 1450mm
T8 Protector cover
15 Watt 438mm
18 Watt 590mm
30 Watt 895mm
36 Watt 1204mm
38 Watt 1047mm
58 Watt 1500mm
70 Watt 1763mm
T12 Protective sleeve
20 Watt 590mm
40 Watt 1199mm
65 Watt 1500mm
75 Watt 1763mm
100 Watt 2420mm
125 Watt 2420mm
Outside Diameters of Polycarbanate tubes we have in stock
polycarbonate tubes

50mm in diameter
40mm in diameter
32mm in diameter
28mm in diameter
20mm in diameter
18mm in diameter

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